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Don’t assume having your car and home insured by the same company is the best option. Because auto insurance rates vary so much from company to company, it may make sense for you to have your car and home insured by separate companies. Let’s talk about it.

NJ Insurance Agency specialists will help you locate, compare and purchase the best personal and commercial insurance coverage that you qualify for.
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When you purchase insurance, it is important to remember to shop for insurance in the same way that you shop for any other consumer product. Take the lead in shopping for and understanding your insurance policy. Make sure to compare prices, policy coverage and conditions, and complaint information.

Also, research the coverage options that are available to you. Don’t rely only on the word of someone else, including an insurance agent or broker, as to what is the “best coverage” for you. Find an agent or broker who is willing to spend time discussing your needs and how specific insurance coverage can best meet your needs. It is always wise to compare policies on your own to help determine the best product for you.

The largest single investment most consumers make is in their home. In order to best protect your family, your home, and your possessions, it is wise to take the initiative to fully understand your homeowners insurance policy. While it is difficult to predict future loss, you can minimize the impact of loss on yourself and your family by spending the time necessary to familiarize yourself with your policy and how it specifically addresses your needs in the event of a loss.

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